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eduKaytion Golf’s - Golf 8.5 Winner

in ING Industry Honors Award for Player Development

Orlando, FL - Golf 8.5TM, the highly successful approach to learning golf quickly, developed by LPGA Hall of Famer Kay McMahon, is the proud  Winner of the International Network of Golf (ING) 2015 Player Development Award recognized at the 23rd ING Industry Honors Press Conference during the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show, Orlando, FL.

The International Network of Golf (ING), “Where golf media and the industry connect”, created the Industry Honors program in 1994, annually recognizing outstanding achievement in a dozen categories  in the golf industry.  The ING Player Development award goes to, “the person or persons who have made an extraordinary contribution to the continued growth of golf through the unselfish devotion of time and energies introducing more people to the game”.

McMahon’s continues her efforts to grow the game by addressing the aspects of teaching simply through her nationally recognized Golf 8.5 approach.  Her message remains, “Golf is simple.  Golf 8.5 proves it with only 4 things to do before the swing and only 4.5 things in-swing.  Golf 8.5 disrupts tradition.  The feedback is: “It’s so simple!”

eduKaytion Golf, McMahon’s golf education company, headquartered at Cranwell Spa & Golf Resort, Lenox, MA, offers many programs to all levels, juniors to adults and year-round in the 36,000 sq. ft Studio 1-K.

Mike Jamison - Exec. Dir. ING

John Glozek - President ING

Kay - Mike Tinkey - MC  & John Glozek

Golf is Simple.

To the core

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