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Golf 8.5

“First lessons ever.  Golf 8.5 takes what seems like a complicated process and simplifies it so that it can be mastered.”   

- Joe, 45 year golfer

“Every golfer should be required to take the Golf 8.5 course.”

- Joanne, 7 year golfer

“I wanted the best and I got the best. I just won my first tournament!.”   

- John, PGA Golf Professional


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What’s it all About

Golf is Simple! The Golf 8.5 course will be divided into classroom and actual swinging with actual golf balls.   We guarantee more enjoyable experience, understand your swing and an easier way to learn.  Golf 8.5 is for ALL skill levels looking to learn or improve their game.  Excellent for couples/partners to take together.

  1. 4 things before & 4.5 things in the swing - To Do

  2. De-Clutter your 6-inch Attic

  3. 1001 things you WON’T have to to do in 1.2 Seconds

  4. Putting the Pieces Together – It’s No Longer A Puzzle

  5. Scoring Tools - Putting, Chipping, Pitching

  6. Mental Focus & Course Strategy

  7. How to Practice Effectively & Continue Improving

  1.             Includes:

  2. In-depth Swing Principles

  3. Classroom with Playbook

  4. Hands-on supervised indoor range work

  5. Before & after computer swing video analysis

Golf 8.5 Workshops

Design Your Own Group

You can also design your own workshops built around your groups schedule.  Groups of 4 - 12 people can be accommodated.

Please inquire at 518-669-1551.

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See something you like but it doesn’t fit your schedule? We can always customize something for you or your group.

Contact us today: 518.669.1551

EWGA & Allied Association Rates - 10% off

Short Game Classes

Weekly classes for all skill levels that covers all aspects of the short game - the scoring tools - putting, chipping, pitching, & bunkers

Location: eduKaytion Golf

555 State Route 20, New Lebanon

Adult Golf 101

Weekly introductory classes for those wanting to learn the fundamentals of the golf swing and the game or for those wanting to improve their skills to take their game to the next level.  (Beginner to Intermediate)

Location: eduKaytion Golf

555 State Route 20, New Lebanon

Japan Play Days

with Kay & Eloise

Miwaka OHara - Guide & Staff Member

More Information Coming Soon for trips in Fall of 2017

6 - 7 day Trip

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